Entrepreneurs Immigration Program Delayed By Trump

Donald Trump and his administration are delaying a key program for foreign entrepreneurs. This move enraged many in the tech industry. The Trump administration is putting the brakes on former President Barak Obama’s rule that assists foreign entrepreneur in building their startups in the U.S on a 30 months trial without obtaining visas.

The program was supposed to be implemented in late 2017 but in a notice that was published in the Federal Registry, the Department of Homeland Security announced the postponement of it’s implementation until March 14, 2018. During this time the US government also decided to open the proposal to public comment and possibly retract the program totally. Ironically, this delay comes a week after Trump met with key corporate figures at Apple, Google and Microsoft and promised to aid them with workforce incentives.

This decision is basically a kick in the teeth to the U.S technology industry as this industry depends on foreign talent to fill its ranks.

Bobby Franklin, president and chief executive of the National Venture Capital Association, said that “this decision is extremely disappointing and represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the critical role immigrant entrepreneurs play in growing the next generation of American companies. At a time when countries around the world are doing all they can to attract and retain talented individuals to come to their shores to build and grow innovative companies the Trump administration is signaling its intent to do the exact opposite”.

The National Venture Capital Association, promised that it would try to “continue to educate the Trump administration” on matters related to immigration. They also tried to highlight that the government’s decision represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the critical role of foreign entrepreneur play in growing the next generation of American companies.

Jeffrey Slatus of the “Slatus & Slatus Immigration Law Firm of NYC” said that “I don’t feel there is a real security benefit to holding back foreign tech experts so all this will really do is slow down our economy”. ” These foreign startups are always fully funded and provide a great potential for job growth”.

The tweet of an investor and the founder of AOL, Steve Case, said “Big mistake, immigrant entrepreneur are job makers not job takers”.

The tech industry and venture capitalists alike consider this move the “straw that broker the camels back” considering the cap on H-1B visas and increase the difficulties for attaining green cards. Many politicians maintain that after some more time in office the current administration along with Donald Trump himself with loosen their immigration policy. From NYC to Silicon Valley we are all crossing our fingers that our great country can find the right balance between national security and immigration.

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