President Trump On Immigration: Effects On NYC Residents

Immigration policy in the United States has always been a hot topic in politics. Since the end of World War 2 the world has seen massive numbers of migration to and from every country. Transportation and standard of living are contributing to this shift, among other factors. In each presidential election, the topic is debated with often minor changes to the real policy. There have been only a few major changes to immigration policy in recent history, and President Trumps immigration policy will likely shift the laws in a new direction.

Past Administrations:

    Immigration has changed in recent history with Mexico rising to the top of the list of countries where US immigrants come from. There were several laws passed in the last 30 years that granted citizenship to immigrants that were undocumented. This was very controversial in Washington, and changed the ongoing policy of immigration. For the first time, work and student visa were issued in larger quantities, and guest worker programs. With the start of the 2008 financial crisis we saw immigration levels drop significantly which diverted discussions to other topics. There were laws passed to make it more difficult to hire illegal immigrants and some states passed laws that required state ID for things like voting and driving. Under the Obama administration deportation levels were some of the highest ever. Source countries were regulated a little stricter in the post 9/11 years as well.

Current Administration:

President trump’s administration is currently fighting for some stricter controls on when and how people can enter the country. An executive order was signed soon into the presidency that blocked individuals from several middle eastern countries. This was later adjusted to allow for certain exceptions. Perhaps one of the focal points in their campaign was to build a wall on the southern border.  Parts of the border currently have a wall and he would like to extend it, to prevent people from crossing. The Obama administration had some of the highest levels of deportation but with priority on criminals, and the Trump administration plans to continue this policy but with expanded efforts. This will be accomplished by hiring 10,000 more ICE immigrant agents, which would triple the current numbers. In the past administration you could only deport immigrants without a judge when they were caught within 100 miles of the US border and within 14 days of entering, and now it has been expanded to 2 years, and anywhere within the USA. Another substantial change is that the court has the authority to reject or grant asylum applications, and this has been changed to give authority to the agents involved.

These changes will be expensive and implemented over a period of time. It is not certain they can all be accomplished; however, this will certainly effect a millions of people living in the USA.

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