Green Cards- Family Based

Family Based Permanent Residency

There are two general categories of relatives of United States Citizens and Permanent Residents who can get a green card. The first category consists of those who are known as Immediate Relatives. An individual who is married to a United States Citizen, has a United States Citizen child above 21 years of age, or is below 21 years of age and has a United States Citizen parent, can be sponsored by these relatives and apply for the green card simultaneously.

The second group of eligible relatives who may apply for a green card are known as the preference categories. These individuals are sponsored by their relatives, and given what is called a priority date. When the priority date is reached on the National Visa Bulletin, the individual may then apply for the green card. Those in this second group are unmarried adult (above 21) sons and daughters of United States Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents, married adult (above 21) sons and daughters of United States Citizens, spouses and children (below 21) of Lawful Permanent Residents, and the brothers and sisters of United States Citizens. It must be pointed out the waiting period for those in this second group for there priority dates to become current, and therefore apply for the green card, can take anywhere from two years to two decades, depending on the country one is from and the relative sponsoring them. Speak with our NYC Green Card Attorneys today and learn more.

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