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-Employment-Based Adjustment
-Family-Based Adjustment
-Removal Defense

Slatus & Slatus clients receive professional, experienced and highly competent legal representation in all areas of immigration law. Our New York based law firm has represented clients in thousands of different types of immigration cases. We have also helped countless families avoid deportation. Our team does absolutely everything in our power to help you achieve the American dream using all available legal methods and to do it in the quickest time possible. Additionally, we help families pursue immigration status for their spouses, fiances, children, parents, brothers and sisters (if you are unsure if you or your family will qualify.. let us know and we can get you the answer)

We know the immigration system is challenging, bureaucratic and stressful. It is enough to put anyone on the edge of their seat. That is why we continuously aim to guide you and removing as much of the challenging process as we can. After speaking with us you will see that NOW is the time to act, and hire the most professional legal service in the area. No chances or risks should be taken when it means being able to live and work in the USA.

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Jeffery Slatus: Top Rated Immigration Lawyer

Our legal team has successfully represented immigration clients throughout the United States. The combination of our experience and commitment to every case makes us the go-to law firm clients trust when they want a lawyer who provides honest, quality legal representation. Our team is known for handling even the toughest immigration cases and never backing down from a challenge.

Whether you are looking to keep your family together, seeking a change of status, or approaching an expiration date for your valid documents, let us know. Our firm’s experience is some of the highest in the industry and there is no section of the legal code we are unfamiliar with. Our aim is to use our combined skills to improve your situation and protect your rights.

What Sets Slatus & Slatus Legal Services Apart?

  • Successfully Handled Thousands of Cases in Various Levels in Court
  • Aggressive Representation with Diplomatic Approach
  • Decades Of Legal Experience Dealing With All Facets Of Immigration
  • Comprehensive Advocacy for All Immigration Matters
  • We Are With You, Working Towards the Same Goal
  • Stiving to keep Visa Processing Time to a Minimum
  • Knowing The Ins and Outs Of The Green Card Process

Meet Jeffrey Slatus

Our firm has over forty-five years of experience in immigration law. Our expertise focuses on family and employment based immigration, I-601A Waivers, Asylum, Removal, non-immigrant work visas such as the H-1B and L-1A, as well as Labor Certification from the Department of Labor.

Seeking to immigrate or being granted employment within the United States involves the submission of many forms and documentary evidence. We do our best to ease the stress of our clients by giving them our utmost attention, in order to ensure that they are properly guided through the process and are confident in our abilities. By keeping the process organized and streamlined we heighten the chances of success and keeping you and your loved ones with a valid visa or immigration status.

If you have any questions about your immigration status or seek to gain employment within the United States, feel free to call me for a consultation. As a New York native, I have spent my life here but fully understand the challenges and of the legal process and immigration system from operating my own practice for decades. Together we can develop the best strategy for each and every situation.

“Mr. Slatus is a great attorney who truly cared about keeping my family together.” – Former Client

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